Country information for Austria - Assessment within inclusive education systems

Learners have special educational needs (SEN) when, as a consequence of physical or mental disabilities, they cannot follow teaching in a mainstream class at compulsory school without additional support measures. SEN must be in a causal connection with an identified physical or mental disability. Insufficient school performance or insufficient command of German without the identifying feature of a disability therefore does not establish SEN.

Before a learner can claim SEN, an application has to be submitted. This can be done before school entry (if there is a serious disability), but is usually done later, if it becomes apparent during schooling that the learner cannot follow lessons due to a disability. The Education Directorates carry out the assessment procedure. The application can come from the parents or legal guardians or ex officio. Due to child development, the measures introduced are checked at regular intervals, in particular when transferring to other school types. Depending on the development of the child, it may be necessary to cancel or extend the special educational needs measures.

Last updated 15/09/2020

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