These links provide additional information about inclusive education in Belgium (French community).

The Charter of Luxembourg on school integration of children and teenagers with disabilities was adopted in November 1996 by the general direction XXII (education, training and youth) of the European Community. It makes several recommendations to the Member States. It is the result of work and seminars organised within the framework of the Community action plan PHOTOGRAVURE II (February 1993–December 1996).

State generals of the League of the Rights of the Child, November 2006–March 2007

Proclamation for school integration, League of the Rights of the Child, 2007

Decree of 5 February 2009 on provisions regarding specialised teaching and reception of the child with specific needs in compulsory education, voted on 3 February 2009 and sanctioned on 5 February 2009

Decree on Inclusive Social Promotion Education (D. 30-06-2016 / M.B. 26/10/2016)

Decree of the Government of the French Community regulating the modalities of application of the decree of 30 June 2016 relating to inclusive social promotion education (A. Gt 05/07/2017 / M.B. 10/08/2017)

Decree of 7 December 2017 on the reception, accompaniment and maintenance of basic and secondary education for pupils with special needs

More information on the legislation regarding inclusive education in Belgium (French community) is available on the Ministry of Education website under the legislation texts resources section and the section of updated decrees.

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