Country information for Bulgaria - Teacher education for inclusive education

The National Action Plan states that all teachers should be trained in teaching children with SEN. In 2007, specialist training was provided in 11 universities across the country (source: OECD, 2007, p. 32).

Teachers from pre-school and school education should have higher education and qualification degrees of ‘specialist in …’, ‘bachelor’ or ‘master’, as well as administrative and pedagogical functions qualifications. Additional professional qualification in ‘special pedagogy’ (‘defectology’) applies when working with learners with SEN (source: Eurydice, 2012b).

Continuous professional development activities for teachers are organised and co-ordinated by schools, the regional inspectorates on education and the Ministry of Education and Science. The specialised institutes for teachers’ qualification are the following:

  • Central Teachers’ Qualification Institute in Sofia
  • Teachers’ Qualification Institute in Varna
  • Teachers’ Qualification Institute in Stara Zagora.

The Ministry of Education and Science has access to European funds to create conditions for teachers’ continuing pedagogical qualification.


Last updated 14/02/2018

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