Country information for Cyprus - Financing of inclusive education systems

The government provides all of the funding for special needs. The law obliges the state to equip special schools or mainstream schools where special education is provided with all the required equipment and staff. The number of staff and the budgets for each school depend on the number of pupils and the school provision.

If the District Committees, which evaluate learners with special educational needs, decide that a learner should attend a special school outside the area where the learner lives, the state is responsible for the learner’s transportation to and from school. Learners in special schools are transported to and from school for free.

Part IX of the Regulations for the Training and Education of Children with Special Needs 186(I)/2001 concerns the Building Specifications of Public and Private Schools. The Regulations state that all schools (public and private) in which learners with special needs study must comply with the building specifications. The state is responsible for making school buildings accessible to learners with special needs. 

School Boards are financed by the government to pay for school assistants for learners in mainstream classes, special units and special schools who need this provision, according to the District Committees.

The state also provides special individual equipment (wheelchairs, special seats, assistive technology, etc.), according to the learner’s evaluation.


Last updated 07/02/2020

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