Country information for Greece - Financing of inclusive education systems

Public schools are funded exclusively by the Greek State through the Regular Budget and the National Public Investments Programme. In particular, the payroll of permanent teaching staff is covered by the Ministry of Education Regular Budget. The operational expenditure of schools throughout the country is covered by the respective Municipalities, all of which are, in turn, financed by the Ministry of Interior budget. At local level, the above-mentioned funding is managed by School Committees, which belong to the respective municipality. 

The government and European programmes fund education for: 

  • learners with disabilities and/or special educational needs (SEN) in mainstream and special schools and special support services;
  • pupils belonging to other vulnerable groups.

Public education is free for all pupils and there are free services for assessment and counselling. 

In addition to the above, inclusive policies are supported both by the National Investment Programme and ESPA 2014–2020 (Partnership Agreement (PA) 2014–2020) projects. In recent years, the strategic structure of the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) has implemented and continues to implement several discrete actions in the 2014–2020 NSRF operational programme ‘Development of Human Resources in Education and Lifelong Learning’. The programme is funded by the European Social Fund and the Greek public sector. These actions support inclusive policies such as: 

  • individualised support for learners in mainstream schools (parallel support, special support personnel, school nurses);
  • the strengthening of special schools, inclusive classes and their supportive structures (Centres for Educational and Counselling Support – KESY, School Networks of Educational Support – SDEY, Interdisciplinary Educational Evaluation and Support Committees  – EDEAY) through the recruitment of the appropriate personnel;
  • the development of digital, accessible educational material for primary education for learners with disabilities and/or SEN.

Last updated 07/02/2020


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