Country information for Latvia - Teacher education for inclusive education

Teachers are trained at higher education level. To become a teacher, a person must enter university or a higher educational institution and complete a full course of professional studies (four to five years). Teacher training comprises several components:

  • General education studies
  • Studies related to a specific subject
  • Professional studies.

The qualification of special teacher can be acquired in several ways:

  • by completing a 4 or 4.5-year professional study programme in special education;
  • through a 2.5-year study programme (80–93 credits) for teachers who are already qualified;
  • through master’s study programmes;
  • through in-service training courses for teachers with qualifications in some other subjects (at least 72 study hours).

The Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 569 14.09.2018 ensure teachers’ professional development. The regulations state that teachers may undergo in-service training in inclusive education. Teachers themselves are responsible for their professional development, but the head of the educational institution, together with the municipality, plans the provision of the professional development.

Experienced educational institutions, special education development centres, non-governmental organisations and higher educational institutions are permitted to provide training for teachers who implement inclusive education (Sources: IECE – Latvia Country Questionnaire, p. 5; CPRA – Latvia Country Report).


Last updated 05/02/2020


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