Country information for Lithuania - Your Agency representative


Questions regarding national matters should be directed to the country’s Representative Board members (policy level representatives) or National Co-ordinators. 

Representative Board Member

Jolanta Navickaitė
Ministry of Education, Science and Sport
Address: Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Lithuania, Department of General Education  A. Volano str.2, LT-01124 Vilnius- Lithuania
Tel. +370 61568085

National Co-ordinator 

Lina Palačionienė
National Agency for Education
Address: National Agency for Education, Division of Special Education Department of Educational Support, M. Katkaus g. 44, LT- 09217 Vilnius -Lithuania
Phone: +3705242 6541

Questions regarding the Agency’s work and outputs should be directed to the Agency Secretariat:

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