Country information for Luxembourg - Financing of inclusive education systems

Early intervention

There are three early intervention services in Luxembourg:

  • the ‘Service de Rééducation Précoce’
  • the ‘Hellef fir de Puppelchen’ service (both financed by the Ministry of Health); and
  • the ‘Service d’Intervention Précoce Orthopédagogique’, which is financed by the Ministry of Family.

Early intervention is free of charge for families.

Early childhood education 

Early childhood education is offered by public institutions and is free of charge.

Compulsory school 

Public education is free of charge. The costs are paid by the public budget.

Primary education

Municipal authorities pay for books and all other equipment.

The act of 14 July 1986 provides for the payment of an allowance for school children.

School transport is free of charge.

The pre-primary and primary education budget is covered by the Ministry of Education and by the municipalities.

Post-primary education

The Ministry of Education grants pupils financial assistance, which is based on social criteria and on the pupil’s results at school.

The budget and the administration of post-primary education are under the competence of national education.

Special needs education 

Special education is organised and managed by the Ministry of Education (Special Education Department) and is free of charge. The government provides the equipment and the didactic material and organises school transport.

Financial help for families with children with special needs 

Additional child benefit is available for such families.


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