Country information for Luxembourg - Teacher education for inclusive education

Basic training

Since the academic year 2005/2006, teacher training is offered by the University of Luxembourg’s Faculty of Arts, Social and Educational Sciences. The studies aim to train teachers for early years, primary and pre-primary education, the preparatory stream of technical secondary school, and special needs education. The certification is a ‘professional bachelor’s in educational sciences’.

Admission conditions:

  • The candidates must have a Luxembourgish or international ‘baccalaureate’ (school leaving examination leading to university entrance qualification), or an equivalent certificate.
  • Access to the studies is regulated by a competitive examination.

The aim of teacher training is reconsidered according to the following aspects:

  • ‘learning to learn’ instead of ‘teaching to teach’
  • ‘a learning community’ instead of ‘an isolated agent’
  • a ‘responsible actor’ instead of a ‘passive agent’
  • ‘developing’ instead of ‘reproducing’.

Fields of training

The training is based on four fields:

1. Multi-disciplinary learning:

Pedagogical, psychological, sociological and didactical dimensions.

2. Field of research:

Development of a research approach concerning practical experience. 

Acquiring methods and tools.

3. Field of practice:

The new training aims to combine university studies and practices.

Thanks to practical periods, the student can develop professional competences.

4. Field of social and professional development:

Building up a professional identity by working on attitudes and behaviour.

Professional competences:

  • Developing a professional approach;
  • Assuming a role of social actor;
  • Developing an ethical approach on teaching;
  • Considering the diversity of the pupils;
  • Promoting multi-linguistic identities;
  • Planning and managing a class group.


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