Agency Bi-annual Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden

On 21–23 May 2019, the Agency will hold its bi-annual meeting in Stockholm, at the kind invitation of the Swedish National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools (SPSM).

The bi-annual meeting in Stockholm will be attended by around 50 Agency country representatives from across Europe. Attendees will take part in meetings and information exchange sessions on current developments and priority topics connected to inclusive education within the Agency and across their countries.

In connection with the bi-annual meeting, the SPSM – which represents Sweden within the European Agency – is hosting a special event on inclusive education. This event will explore the concept of an inclusive education system in the Swedish context.

At this event, the Agency Director, Cor J. W. Meijer and Assistant Director, Amanda Watkins, will present the organisation’s work, including a demonstration of the EASIE (data collection), CPRA (country policy review) and FPIES (financing) activities. This will be followed by a panel discussion entitled ‘Has inclusion gone too far?’. Participants in the discussion will include the Swedish Secretary of State and representatives from the National Agency of Education, the Schools’ Inspectorate, SPSM, SALAR and Uppsala University.

For more information, contact the Agency country representatives for Sweden.

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