Agency participation in national conference on inclusive education in Ukraine

An Agency representative took part in a recent conference entitled ‘Barrier-free Learning: How to make Ukrainian schools inclusive’ in Kiev, Ukraine.

The two-day conference, which took place on 22–23 November 2019, was organised by the non-governmental organisation (NGO) Smart Osvita and Open Society Foundations in Ukraine, in co-operation with the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science. There were over 200 participants, including representatives from the Ukrainian Ministries of Education, Health and Social Policy, school leaders, activists, parents, university professors and other NGOs.

Sessions at the conference included presentations and workshops on early intervention, funding, barriers to inclusion and how schools and NGOs can play their part in inclusive education in Ukraine. The second day of presentations and workshops had a strong focus on the role of teachers and teaching assistants in promoting inclusive education.

Agency Project Manager Anthoula Kefallinou opened the second day of the conference with a presentation during the plenary session. Her presentation outlined the work of the Agency, focusing on its work on teacher education. Ms Kefallinou particularly highlighted the Profile of Inclusive Teachers and the importance of emphasising inclusive values throughout teacher education and beyond.

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