European Commission Compendium of Inspiring Practices on Inclusive and Citizenship Education

The Education and Training (ET) 2020 Working Group (WG) on Promoting Common Values and Inclusive Education has compiled a series of examples of inspiring practice in inclusive education. This ‘Compendium of Inspiring Practices on Inclusive and Citizenship Education’ is now available to download.

The Compendium aims to provide policy-makers and other stakeholders with ideas to help them improve their education systems’ inclusiveness. It presents 131 examples of good practice from a range of sources across Europe. Examples include projects supported by the European Union (EU), Erasmus+ and UNESCO, universities and non-governmental and stakeholder organisations. Agency work, including the Inclusive Early Childhood Education and Inclusive Education in Action activities, is also represented.

The examples of practice were identified during meetings, peer-learning activities and exchanges as part of the WG activities from 2016–2020. The WG explored European policy connected to the Paris Declaration of 2015 and the Council Recommendation of 22 May 2018. It was made up of representatives from EU Member States and relevant organisations. These include the Agency, which was appointed as a permanent member of the WG by the European Commission and contributed as an expert throughout the WG activities.

The Compendium, which takes the form of an interactive PDF document, is available to download on the EU Publications Office website.

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