Peer learning exercise in Changing Role of Specialist Provision conference

The Agency’s Changing Role of Specialist Provision (CROSP) project was completed with a conference held in Athens, Greece, on 18 May 2022. The conference aimed to enhance peer learning, focusing on the exchange of experiences between representatives from 31 countries.

In the opening session, the project team presented the focus, methodology and main outcomes of the CROSP project, with a particular emphasis on the development of a forthcoming CROSP tool. This tool aims to enable countries to develop a continuum of support for inclusive education. It is comprised of a set of reflective questions that are based on specific policy priorities and strategies, as well as the key actions needed to support the changing role of specialist provision.

Representatives from Sweden and Cyprus shared their experience of piloting the tool. All country representatives then engaged in an informal peer learning exercise, by splitting into small groups. Discussions focused on how the CROSP tool can be used in different national contexts. Participants agreed that the tool can be used as a stimulus for reflection at different system levels. They also discussed the possibility of creating synergies with each other, by acting as ‘critical friends’ to facilitate the change process in different national contexts.

A joint summary session followed, presenting the conclusions of the project and allowing the participants to complete a formative evaluation of the process.

Overall, the peer learning exercise allowed for open conversations to take place around how the policy priorities, policies and strategies included in the CROSP tool can support the changing role of specialist provision and improve inclusive education policies in Europe.

For more information, visit the CROSP project web area.

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