Education and Training Monitor 2023: a focus on teaching

The European Commission has published the 2023 edition of the Education and Training Monitor.

The Education and Training Monitor is the Commission’s annual report on education and training systems across the European Union (EU). It explores countries’ progress towards achieving EU targets for education.

The 2023 Monitor includes a comparative report with a special focus on the teaching profession. It particularly examines the issue of teacher shortages across EU countries, and ways to encourage more people to enter the profession.

The report also provides insights into on-going challenges and efforts for greater inclusion in education. It explores topics such as socio-economic status, gender gaps, migrant backgrounds, and the integration of displaced children.

As well as the comparative report, the Monitor includes 27 country-specific reports, which provide information on policy development in EU countries. It also includes an online toolbox, which gives an overview of the indicators used in the Monitor and provides a country comparison of the teaching profession.

The Monitor’s release coincided with the Sixth European Education Summit, which took place on 30 November 2023. The Summit is the annual event of the European Education Area. The theme for 2023 was ‘The European Education Area: A reality for all’, and the event examined three main questions:

  • How can we improve the education and training sectors to the benefit of all?
  • How are the EU countries planning to better invest in quality education and training?
  • How can we ensure that people are equipped with the necessary skills to thrive in the green and digital transitions?

The Education and Training Monitor 2023 is available on the Commission website, which also contains details of the European Education Summit.

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