Efficiency, Effectiveness and Equity within Inclusive Education Systems - Article Available Online

Implementing Inclusive Education: Issues in Bridging the Policy-Practice Gap is a volume of articles written in 2016 by Agency staff in co-operation with international experts, drawing on the Agency’s past twenty years’ work in the field of inclusive education.

The article Efficiency, Effectiveness and Equity within Inclusive Education Systems published in this book has been selected by the Emerald Publishing Group’s editorial team as an Outstanding Author Contribution in the 2017 Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence. As a consequence of this distinction, this paper is now freely available to all readers for one year.

Here you can read the full abstract of this article:

There is widespread awareness that evidenced-based policy-making is critical for the long-term development of inclusive education systems. Policy-makers, data collection experts and researchers are aware of the need for data collection at national level that not only meets the requirements of international policy guidelines, but also works within a shared approach so as to promote a synergy of efforts at national and international levels.

Monitoring inclusive education at the system level is increasingly seen as a priority for country and EU level decision-makers. However, what form this monitoring should take and what issues it should focus upon are less clear.

This chapter looks across a number of recent European Agency studies in order to highlight and consider key issues and questions in relation to monitoring the implementation of inclusive education in terms of a system’s efficiency, effectiveness and ability to be equitable for all learners.

By drawing upon the findings of European Agency work considering a range of policy priority areas, it is possible to highlight a number of common factors that apply to monitoring the dimensions of efficiency, effectiveness and equity in different educational contexts or systems.


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