European Projects Festival: Diversity and inclusion in European education systems

The Agency has taken part in the first European Projects Festival in Ferrara, Italy. The festival, which took place on 4–6 April 2024, aims to bring together people from every European Union (EU) country to discuss and share experiences and celebrate the EU. It was organised by Officine Europa APS, the Emilia-Romagna Region and the Municipality of Ferrara.

Across the three days, the festival celebrated European culture and food, as well as providing a space for organisations to exhibit their work. The forum programme included a wide range of conferences, seminars, workshops and presentations on a variety of topics, including European funding opportunities, cross-border collaboration and digital culture.

The Agency participated in a round table event exploring ‘Diversity and inclusion in European education systems: comparing panorama and experience’. The round table included presentations on Spazio Reale Formazione’s projects on inclusive pathways for learners with intellectual disabilities, the Esagramma Symphony Orchestra’s inclusive orchestral education courses, and Centro di Servizi del Volontariato di Ferrara, a voluntary organisation.

Agency Policy Officer Antonella Mangiaracina gave an overview of the Agency’s background and its position on inclusive education systems. She described the Agency’s current and on-going activities, including Voices into Action and the Thematic Country Cluster Activities (TCCA). In the context of EU co-operation, she particularly focused on the Technical Support Instrument (TSI) work, describing the past and current TSI projects that the Agency is involved in and the processes that the TSI projects follow.

More details are available on the European Projects Festival website.

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