Inclusive Education in Action

The website of the Inclusive Education in Action project (a joint project between the Agency and UNESCO) was launched on 1 September 2010 to exemplify the suggested actions in the UNESCO Policy Guidelines on Inclusion in Education. Since the launch, there have been around 4,630 visitors with a current rate of over 2,000 visitors per month.

Most visitors at the moment come from Europe, with a large number from North America. However, there are increasing numbers of visitors from Asia, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand. There are also visitors from are from different regions of Africa and the Caribbean.

The examples have been gathered from Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, North and South America, the Arab States and Africa and cover the following five themes: teachers and teacher education; inclusive curricula; resources and legislation; attitudinal change and policy development and early childhood care and education. Materials include text descriptions, photographs and videos.

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