International Conference - Inclusive Education: A Way To Promote Social Cohesion

One of the main objectives of the Strategic Framework for the European Co-operation in Education and Training “ET 2020” is “Promoting equality, social cohesion and active citizenship”. The building of a society which is founded on social inclusion and on reducing poverty is one of the essential priorities of the EU linked to 2010 European Year against Poverty and Social Exclusion.

Education and training systems should aim to ensure that all learners -including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, those with special needs and migrants -complete their education. Educational disadvantage should be addressed by promoting inclusive education. These and other issues will be faced at the International Conference “Inclusive education: a Way to Promote Social Cohesion”. 

The objectives of the Conference are to develop knowledge and understanding of inclusive education as one of the main factors for social cohesion and inclusion, promoting democratic principles, values and beliefs relating to equality and social justice. The meeting will also aim to exchange experiences in these fields with Latin American countries. 

Within this framework, the contents of the Conference should influence the educational policies that promote equity, social cohesion and active citizenship. That is, to answer to the challenges: early school dropouts, students from disadvantaged backgrounds, those with special needs and migrants. 

The Agency is actively participating in this event and will disseminate the key findings and conclusions from the participants in the near future.



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