The Third Annual International Day of Education

In 2018, the United Nations established the International Day of Education, set to take place every year on 24 January. The aim of the day is to celebrate and recognise the importance of education towards ‘peace and development’.

This year, the International Day of Education will be commemorated on Monday 25 January. The theme for 2021 is ‘Recover and Revitalize Education for the COVID-19 Generation’. The on‑going pandemic has forced schools and universities to close across the world, disrupting the education of billions of learners. Therefore, there is a need to ensure educational issues are a central focus of the worldwide pandemic recovery. This year’s International Day of Education seeks to promote discussion and highlight key actions towards this aim.

UNESCO, the Global Partnership for Education and other partners have organised a global online event to celebrate the day. The public event will be separated into three sections, each of which will include expert panellists from around the world:

  • Celebrating ‘Learning Heroes’
  • Promising innovations to transform education
  • Financing the education transformation.

Watch the event on YouTube. To participate in social media conversations, follow and use the hashtag #EducationDay.

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