International Day of Education calls for political mobilisation to prioritise education

The theme of the 2023 International Day of Education, which takes place on 24 January, is ‘To invest in people, prioritize education’.

The International Day of Education will ‘call on governments, the international community and key stakeholders to stand by their commitments to prioritize investment in education and educational transformation’. Social media will enable influencers and youth champions around the world to support the call.

As the mid-point on the journey towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by United Nations Member States in 2015, the 2023 International Day of Education is also the ideal time to review progress towards meeting the Agenda’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As such, UNESCO’s Global Education Monitoring Report and the Institute for Statistics will publish the first annual monitoring report for SDG 4 on inclusive and equitable quality education. This report will help countries to track their progress towards meeting their national benchmarks and other commitments made during the Transforming Education Summit in September 2022.

All of the Agency’s work supports and is underpinned by SDG 4. As an agent for change, the Agency provides its member countries and policy-makers at European level with evidence-based information and guidance on implementing inclusive education systems, supporting them to achieve national and international inclusive education targets. For more information on how the Agency’s work supports SDG 4 targets, visit the About us page or read the Agency’s position on inclusive education systems.

Find out more about the 2023 International Day of Education on the UNESCO website. More information on how to be involved in the Day on social media is available on the Transforming Education Summit blog.

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