The New Agency Website

06 March, 2018

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. The Agency website is the main source of information about all the Agency projects and activities over the past 20 years.

All our pages and web areas have been edited and re-structured with accessibility and usability in mind. The new website has a new design, and we have included some features that we hope will make visiting the site easier and a more interactive experience.

What’s new…

  • Accessibility tool bar: the links on the side will help users to change accessibility settings, for example zoom in or out, or change the background colour
  • Accessibility page: Information accessibility is a major priority for the Agency. A new comprehensive Accessibility page explains all the accessibility features of the website
  • Filters: several pages such as Resources, Projects and News can now be searched based on a set of filters, including theme, country, language, year, or type of material
  • Related materials: on many pages you will notice a 'you may also like' section on the right. This connects the page with materials relevant to the page
  • Latest news on the home page: with the left and right arrows you can access up to 16 news items directly from the Home page
  • Featured content on the Home page: not only news, but new materials, featured projects are more visible on the Homepage
  • Sign up button: you can easily sign up to the Agency eBulletin by clicking on a button in the footer
  • Multimedia page: a new web area that includes links to Agency videos, presentations and key messages within an attractive tiled layout
  • Glossary: a new searchable glossary which collates terms from Agency projects.

This is not a full list, so please, feel free to explore the new website and provide us with any feedback you may have on

screenshot of the new Agency website with the word NEW on it
screenshot of the new Agency website Home page
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