Reimagining our Futures Together – UNESCO publication on a new social contract for education

A report published at the end of 2021 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the International Commission on the Futures of Education proposes a new social contract for education.

Looking ahead to 2050 and beyond, the report, entitled Reimagining our futures together, examines the role of education in shaping the future. It was informed by a two-year global consultation and maps the current state of education around the world, from the perspectives of equality, justice and sustainability.

The first part of the report considers the advancements in education over the last 50 years. It looks at the changes in economies, poverty levels and gender discrimination, alongside the impact of technology and politics on education. It also highlights the need to learn from the mistakes of the past in moving forwards.

Next, the report proposes a new social contract for education, based on co-operation and inclusion. It stresses the need for education to be a shared social commitment as one of the key human rights, strengthening our capacity to care and co-operate.

The final part of the report examines how the proposed new social contract can be realised. This will require stakeholder co-operation at all levels, from government to schools and communities, alongside research, development and, most importantly, continued dialogue between all those involved in education around the world.

Throughout, the report discusses the importance of stakeholder dialogue and co‑operation to build ‘peaceful, just, and sustainable futures for all’ (p. 3). Building on this idea, UNESCO and the Agency are co-hosting a webinar entitled ‘Towards a shared vision of inclusion in education: Fostering stakeholder dialogue on legislation and policy’ on 28 April 2022. Details of the webinar, including how to sign up, will be published on the Agency’s news page and on UNESCO’s events page soon.

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