Scottish Improvement Hub Supports Resources for Children and Young People with Additional Support Needs

An online Improvement Hub, launched by Scottish national body Education Scotland, is working to improve inclusive education practices for children and young people with additional support needs across the country.

Earlier this year, Education Scotland also launched milestones to support learners with complex additional support needs. The guidance available to download via the hub provides a set of milestones for literacy, English, numeracy and mathematics, with sections to specifically support these learners.

In addition, foundation milestones have been produced which outline key skills and competencies that underpin all areas of the Scottish curriculum. These milestones are designed to support practitioners in identifying learning progression. They can be used by all those working with children and young people who have been identified as having complex additional support needs, in both specialist and mainstream settings.

The hub is also being used to share examples of success, in terms of offering practical support, from around the country. Some local examples of success shared recently include work to close the literacy gap in Dumfries and Galloway and how a data tracker is being used in Clackmannanshire.  A café has also been developed for young people who may feel vulnerable during school lunchtimes in Aberdeen.

Visit the Improvement Hub here.

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