South Lanarkshire School Recognised for Inclusive Approach to Learning

Calderglen High School in South Lanarkshire have reported an increase in the attainment levels and positive post school destinations of the pupils whose attainment is in the lowest 20%, thanks to work undertaken as part of the Agency’s Raising the Achievement of All Learners in Inclusive Education project.

In acknowledgement of their good practice, Calderglen recently hosted a European delegation who recognised their good work in meeting the needs of all learners, and practicing inclusivity.

The 30 delegates from across Europe observed lessons, took part in workshops with business and community partners as well as parents, and spoke directly with pupils and staff. 

Calderglen High School is part of a learning community with its campus school Sanderson High School. Sanderson High caters for young people with moderate and complex additional support needs.

Involvement in the project has allowed the Scottish school to learn directly from others promoting inclusion and inclusive learning across Europe. Elizabeth White, Headteacher of Calderglen High School explains:

  • 'Involvement in this project has allowed us access to a wide range of sources and resources on inclusion, many of which have been used to further support classroom teachers in meeting the needs of all.'
  • 'As well as networking with educators from across Europe, we have also benefited from Skype meeting with two specialists in inclusive education from the European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education and their invaluable support has shaped our plans for improvement.'

Ms White spoke about how the school has embraced a number of new approaches such as the introduction of a new mentor system, the use of parents in delivering in-service training to all staff and the increased sharing, planning and design of new courses and assessment standards across schools.

There are also plans for joint Rights Made Real Initiatives across the two schools outlining rights and responsibilities in pupil, staff and parents charters.

This is an extract from an article which first appeared in Children in Scotland magazine, Issue 175. To view the magazine, and read the article in full, click here.


For more information on Raising Achievement, visit the project page.



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