Teacher Education for Inclusion - Profile of Inclusive Teachers

The Teacher Education for Inclusion (TE4I) project has now been completed and final project materials are being made available on the project web area.

One of the main outcomes of the project is the Profile of Inclusive Teachers.

The Profile document draws upon various activities and discussions between project experts and over 400 other stakeholders in education who were involved in the three year TE4I project. The stakeholder group included policy makers and practitioners from a range of schools and teacher education sectors; initial and in-service student teachers; parents and families; and learners – who have collectively debated the competences that all teachers need to support their work in inclusive settings.

The Profile is now available in English and will be available in all Agency languages shortly.

The TE4I project web area has also been updated with new information. All of the inputs and materials are now available from the project final Dissemination Conference.

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