Developing the inclusive education app in France: Study visits and stakeholder consultation

Two study visits took place in France in February 2024 as part of the project to enhance a new digital app for inclusive education.

The Agency is working with the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Structural Reform Support (DG REFORM) for the French Ministry of National Education and Youth. The project, funded by the European Union’s Technical Support Instrument (TSI), helps the French Directorate-General for School Education to develop and monitor the Livret de Parcours Inclusif (LPI – inclusive course booklet).

The study visits, which took place in Limoges and Nancy, aimed to initiate an in-depth discussion at local level. Practitioners were consulted on preliminary recommendations to improve the app for inclusive education.

Each visit was organised around interactive sessions with identified stakeholders, including local representatives of administrative services in charge of inclusive education, principals and teachers. Actively engaging practitioners with hands-on experience was essential for gathering diverse perspectives to enrich the final recommendations.

The visits also provided a valuable opportunity to explore specific challenges, good practices and local needs, while strengthening the overall understanding of the governance, use and acceptance of the LPI tool.

Moving forward, the Agency will use this feedback to further develop recommendations for enhancing the LPI tool’s effectiveness and promoting inclusive education across the French territory.

For more information on the TSI activities, visit the Agency’s TSI web area and the Commission website.

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