Reaching out to all learners: UNESCO-IBE resource pack

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization International Bureau of Education (UNESCO-IBE) ‘Reaching out to all learners’ resource pack supports inclusion and equity in education.

The resource pack is designed to be used collaboratively by schools and in other education contexts, such as in teacher education and education research, to support inclusive education practices at the school level. By encouraging inclusive practices in the classroom, the resource pack aims to promote inclusion and equity across all levels of the education system.

The resource pack consists of three guides:

  • Leading inclusive school development – helping school leadership teams to review and develop their schools to ensure all learners feel welcomed and supported;
  • Developing inclusive practices – supporting teachers to develop effective ways to engage all learners in their lessons;
  • Working with partners – encouraging schools to collaborate with each other, with families, and with the wider community.

Each guide includes a framework of indicators and questions to help schools and other education providers to reflect on their practice and to help with discussion. They also give examples of practice and provide a guide to carrying out a collaborative inquiry into the school’s methods. Finally, they suggest further reading and other materials that can help with staff professional development.

The resource pack encourages collaboration between all members of the school community from the outset, including teaching and support staff, learners, families and other local stakeholders.

The resource pack is available to download in English, French and Spanish on the UNESCO-IBE website.

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