The Agency’s main aim is to help member countries improve their inclusive policy and practice in the field of education.

Our work focuses on supporting the development of inclusive education systems to ensure every learner’s right to inclusive and equitable educational opportunities. This enhances learners’ life chances and possibilities for actively participating in society.

We provide member countries and stakeholders at the European level with evidence-based information and guidance on implementing inclusive education systems.

While recognising that there are differences in countries’ policies, practices and educational contexts, the Agency has the following strategic objectives:

  • to promote quality in the field of special needs and inclusive education by maintaining a long-term framework for extended European collaboration;
  • to facilitate effective exchange of knowledge and experience among, as well as within, member countries;
  • to identify key factors that hinder or support progress and provide countries with information and guidance;
  • to analyse and review policy developments in countries in order to support the development of sustainable and effective inclusive education systems.


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