The IECE project received 32 descriptions of examples of inclusive practice in early childhood education (ECE) in response to a call for such examples. The project team selected eight examples in eight countries for detailed case study visits. A group of experts from across Europe participated in the visits.

The case study visits involved a meeting with stakeholders, a visit to the inclusive ECE provision and a meeting with the experts to discuss and share observations.

The IECE project carried out eight study visits. More information about the eight examples of inclusive practice from the IECE study visits can be accessed from the links below.

1. Porto, Portugal, 2–4 March 2016

2. Jyväskylä, Finland, 18–20 April 2016

3. Reykjavík, Iceland, 9–11 May 2016

4. Cardiff, UK Wales, 16–18 May 2016

5. Ljubljana, Slovenia, 15–17 June 2016

6. Idstein, Germany, 20–22 June 2016

7. Cork, Ireland, 12–14 October 2016

8. Madrid, Spain, 16–18 November 2016

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