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Raising Achievement for All Learners – Quality in Inclusive Education (RA4AL)

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Raising Achievement for all learners is an imperative and a priority at European level. The project Raising Achievement for all Learners – Quality in Inclusive Settings, running from December 2011 – November 2012 set out to identify the key issues that need to be explored and strategies that appear to be successful in raising achievement for all learners in inclusive settings.

A major conference was organised in collaboration with the Danish Ministry of Education and the Odense Municipal authorities. It was held in Odense, Denmark from 13th-15th June 2012 and was recognised as an official event under the Danish Presidency of the EU.


The conference was attended by researchers and policy makers for both mainstream and inclusive education from 27 countries. Further information about the conference, including inputs, seminars and a full report of the event is available.

The RA4AL position paper, drafted to provide background information for conference participants, includes a project rationale and draws on relevant Agency work and recent research to highlight key issues for the project. 

The project synthesis report draws together work from all project activities – a review of past Agency projects, recent research and the outcomes of the RA4AL conference. The key project messages have been summarised in a separate paper and are available in 22 languages.

The outcomes of this one-year project have now been used as the basis for development work during phase 2 of a major thematic project already identified within the Agency’s multi-annual work programme.


This project was supported with a grant from the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union (agreement number 517771-LLP-1-2011-1-DK-COMENIUS-CAM). The information in this project web area reflects the views of the authors and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.