New Self-Reflection Tool for inclusive school leadership

A new self-reflection tool is now available on the Agency website, published as part of the Supporting Inclusive School Leadership (SISL) project.

The SISL project investigates ways to develop and promote inclusive school-level leadership through national and local-level policy frameworks and support mechanisms. Following on from a SISL policy framework developed earlier this year, the Self‑Reflection Tool aims to stimulate professional dialogue and collaborative policy development within and across schools and at different policy levels.

The tool is aimed at school leaders and leadership teams looking to adopt and develop inclusive leadership practices, and at national, regional and/or local policy-makers responsible for developing and implementing policies for inclusive education. The tool enables reflection and exchange among the different stakeholders to identify gaps that need to be addressed. It is an open-source publication, which allows users to adapt it to their own needs and contexts.

Together with the policy framework, the tool is a key output of phase 2 of the project, which began in 2019. Phase 2 involved collaboration with a project advisory group (PAG) made up of experts from four Agency member countries: Hungary, Ireland, Malta and Sweden. They aimed to build on the phase 1 project findings to produce outputs that directly support more inclusive school leadership.

More information on the project is available in the SISL project web area, where you can also download the Self-Reflection Tool and other SISL outputs.

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