Accessibility user testing of new Agency intranet solution

The Agency has recently launched a new intranet solution for its staff. The solution, called MyAgency, will be extended for use by the Agency’s country contacts at the Agency bi-annual meeting in Budapest this week. 

The intranet is built on the Microsoft SharePoint platform, a content and document management, analysis and storage tool. Through this platform, MyAgency enables information sharing and collaborative working practices across the organisation. 

As part of the Agency’s on-going commitment to providing a fully accessible experience of all its activities, the new solution underwent a thorough user testing phase. The final user testing session took place in Brighton, UK (England) in September with specialist accessibility consultants Surface Impression.

The aim was to test the MyAgency site for accessibility and general usability on a variety of devices. The testing group had different accessibility needs and used a range of assistive technology, including screen reader software for both Mac and PC and magnification tools. The Agency generally received very positive feedback about the layout, design and usability of the site and about the quality of the content. There was also some useful feedback and recommendations that have helped the Agency improve the overall accessibility and usability of the site. 

The testing group try out the new MyAgency intranet site
The testing group trying out the new MyAgency intranet site

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