Agency support for SRSS activities in Greece

The Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs (MERA) requested support from the European Commission through the Structural Reform Support Service (SRSS). The SRSS approved the Greek request and invited the Agency to provide technical support to Greece.

The goal is to empower mainstream schools to respond to the diversity of all learners, in line with the shared European vision for inclusive education systems.

A kick-off meeting took place on 15 and 16 July 2019 in Athens. It was a successful meeting and a large number of stakeholders from different educational support structures actively participated. The aim of the meeting was to inform participants about the project objectives and the Agency’s collaborative methodology. Stakeholders provided comments and suggestions regarding possible future developments and changes to education in Greece.

The concept of inclusive education was clarified as offering quality education for all learners in Greece.

The meeting was also an opportunity for the Greek representatives to present key information on their education system and inclusive education to representatives from the SRSS and the Agency.

The Agency’s policy experts and researchers will be responsible for the implementation of the action. They will also consult with the SRSS and MERA project team on its outputs, including content documents consistent with the objectives of the action. 

country policy review
individual country support
international co-operation
policy analysis

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