Building Resilience through Inclusive Education Systems: closing event

The Agency presented its Guidance for Establishing a Culture of Effective Communication in Education during an event to mark the end of the Building Resilience through Inclusive Education Systems (BRIES) activity. The event was held during the bi‑annual meeting of country representatives in May.

The BRIES activity mapped how the COVID-19 pandemic affected inclusive education systems in Europe, and how to turn a crisis like the pandemic into an opportunity to build resilience. The guidance is the activity’s main output.

During the event, the Agency team presented the guidance and the associated infographic. They outlined the process of developing the guidance and presented its main aspects and aims. They also launched an animated video, which provides an overview of the guidance and explains how stakeholders can use it to improve communication within their education systems.

In addition, Dr Solava Ibrahim from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK (England), gave a keynote speech entitled ‘Communication as Collective Capability. What Role for Power?’. She discussed how effective communication can only be achieved if everyone is involved, and how this requires flexibility, adaptability and inclusion. She also explored the importance of power dynamics, and highlighted how an imbalance of power can affect participation and therefore challenge inclusive and effective communication.

The BRIES web area contains more details on the activity, including the guidance and other outputs. Watch the BRIES video below or on the Multimedia area of the Agency website.

BRIES Guidance for Establishing a Culture of Effective Communication in Education video

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