The role of teachers and school leaders in inclusive education: European Commission Working Group on Schools

In May, the Agency took part in a peer-learning activity (PLA) as part of the European Commission’s Working Group on Schools.

The Commission has established seven Working Groups (WGs), which are contributing to the development of the European Education Area. The Agency is an active member of three of the WGs, including the WG on Schools, which promotes exchange and mutual learning to support the implementation of the 2022 Council Recommendation on Pathways to School Success.

The PLA took place in Malta on 15–17 May 2024, and was held by the WG on Schools’ Pathways to School Success sub-group. Focusing on the role of school leaders and teachers in inclusive education, the PLA aimed to explore ways to build their capacity to create more inclusive environments and bridge the gap between inclusive education policy and practice.

During the PLA, participants from education organisations and ministries across Europe took part in several workshops and school visits. They explored the challenges and strengths of different countries’ education policies and examined case studies from Malta. In addition, there were plenary presentations from experts in education from Malta and Italy, and the OECD presented its Building capacity for inclusive teaching project.

Agency Activity Manager Gareth Hughes presented some of the Agency’s resources that can help to build capacity for inclusion. These included the Teacher Professional Learning for Inclusion Profile for Inclusive Teacher Professional Learning, and the Supporting Inclusive School Leadership self-reflection tool.

The outcomes of the workshops and discussions will be presented in a report which will be used in the further development of the Pathways to School Success, as well as by the ministries of participating countries.

More detail on the Working Groups is available on the Commission’s European Education Area website.

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