Country Policy Review and Analysis Work

The Agency’s Country Policy Review and Analysis (CPRA) activity started in 2015, involving eight member countries. This work has been developed in order to provide a new form of individualised country information, the results of which have now been published.

The goal of the CPRA work is to aid country reflection regarding the development of policy for inclusive education. Over time, these activities aim to provide member countries with information about their progress in relation to key policy goals for inclusive education. The results of the pilot work were presented in spring 2016 at a working meeting, where country representatives discussed how to extend the country policy review and analysis activities to all member countries.

The policy review work identified agreed benchmarks within special needs and inclusive education that countries can aspire to and align themselves with, no matter what systems of educational provision and support they have.

The first results of the policy analysis are now available for France, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, UK–England and UK–Scotland on the CPRA project web area.

country policy review

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