EASIE 2018 Cross-Country Report available online

The European Agency Statistics on Inclusive Education (EASIE) 2018 Cross‑Country Report is now available on the Agency website.

The 2018 Cross-Country Report brings together data collected from 32 Agency member countries and regions in the 2018 EASIE dataset. The data is for the 2016/2017 school year and covers pre-primary education (International Standard Classification of Education, ISCED, level 02), compulsory education (ISCED levels 1 and 2) and upper‑secondary education (ISCED level 3). The Cross-Country Report presents the data visually, using charts to display the information alongside descriptions of the calculations and their findings. The cross-country format can be used to inform national and European-level policy and the work of decision-makers in the field of inclusive education.

EASIE work began in 1999 and involves collecting, presenting and analysing national data. Since 2002, data has been collected every two years on topics including population and enrolment and the numbers of learners with an official decision of special educational needs. Countries also provide background information to the statistical data, to put it into context. 

The data is broken down by gender, age and by ISCED levels. It is analysed according to agreed indicators which can inform key policy issues, including learners’ rights issues and equity and participation in inclusive education. More information on the collection of EASIE data can be found in the Methodology Reports.

For more information, visit the EASIE web area.

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