European Agency Statistics on Inclusive Education workshop

A workshop took place in Brussels, Belgium, on 8–10 April 2024 to discuss the European Agency Statistics on Inclusive Education (EASIE).

The EASIE workshop is an annual in-person meeting of the officially-nominated data experts from participating Agency member countries and the Agency team.

The main focus of this year’s workshop was to gather ideas on a proposal to reframe the EASIE work from the end of 2025. The aim is to better align data collection with other Agency activities and with the broader concept of inclusive education, as well as producing more focused, user-friendly outputs. Data experts and country representatives participating in the workshop provided useful ideas and feedback on how to improve the data collection tools and processes and fill gaps in the current EASIE dataset.

In addition to the discussions around new ways of working with the EASIE data, during the workshop the Agency team explained some of the technical features of the EASIE web area. These include automated country reports that the website generates from the information in the data tables. They also presented recent EASIE outputs, including the Cross-Country Report for the 2020/2021 school year. Cross-Country Reports collate the information from all the individual country reports.

As well as data tables and reports, the EASIE web area includes other outputs, such as methodology reports and key messages and findings. There is also information on learners who are out of school, including a country survey which explores countries’ definitions of and data on out-of-school learners.

View and download your country’s data and country reports on the EASIE web page.

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