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March 2017

This issue of the newsletter brings you news about major developments from Agency projects and activities. The Agency welcomes Bulgaria as a new member country.

October 2016

This issue of the newsletter brings you news about new forms of Agency co-operation at European and international levels.

July 2016

In 2016 the Agency is celebrating its 20th anniversary. For two decades the Agency website has been an ever growing source of information in the field of inclusive education. This summer an open call for tender was published, aiming to re-develop the website and continue providing information to all those interested in the field in the most useful way. This issue of the eBulletin presents a new three-year project: the Financing Policies for Inclusive Education Systems. It also includes updates on the Agency’s Inclusive Early Childhood Education Project and other Agency activities.

February 2016

In 2016 the Agency is celebrating its 20th anniversary. This year is a milestone on our path towards inclusion. Read here about the completed ICT4IAL project, the Raising the Achievement of All Learners, the outcomes of the Luxembourg Hearing and other Agency activities, as well as news from the member countries.

November 2015

This bulletin brings you news on the Agency co-operation with Iceland, a feature article on the much awaited Luxemboug Hearing and new developments in Agency projects and web areas.

July 2015

This issue of the newsletter contains news on the ICT for Information Accessibility in Learning conference and other events, as well as news from member countries, an update on the Agency’s new project on raising the achievement for all learners and various web developments.

March 2015

This issue of the newsletter contains news from our member countries, information on major upcoming events, and updates on Agency projects and developments.

December 2014

This eBulletin brings you news about the Agency's new member country, a series of new publications, updates on the new data collection project, and updates from Agency member countries.

July 2014

This issue is the first eBulletin to feature news directly from our member countries. Find out about events and developments in the Country news section. Participants from all Agency member countries took part in the new Raising Achievement of All Learners in Inclusive Education project kick-off meeting. New publications are also available on the Agency website, as well as an easy to read section explaining key concepts and Agency activities to a wider audience.

April 2014

This newsletter brings you news from the beginning of the new Agency multi-annual work programme for the period 2014–2020. It related project updates on the new project on Raising Achievement for All Learners in Inclusive Education which builds on a previous project in the field, as well as findings and publications based on the results of the recent ICT for Inclusion project, Vocational Education and Training project and the Agency’s International Conference on inclusive education. Click on the link provided to read the full newsletter or subscribe to it on the Agency Home page.

December 2013

This December eBulletin brings news on two events: the Agency conference discussing ‘Inclusive Education in Europe – putting theory into practice’, and ‘Modern Technologies in Inclusive Education’, a conference organised in co-operation with the Polish Ministry of Education. This year was also busy with preparations for the new multi-annual work programme for the period 2014–2020, and the Agency continues its activities in 2014 with a new name. Click on the link to find out more.

September 2013

This eBulletin presents news on the work towards developing guidelines for the use of ICT in learning (in the framework of the ICT for Information Accessibility in Learning project). It also presents updates on the Organisation of Provision to Support Inclusive Education project, and a call for further examples of inclusive education ‘in action’ (IEA project). On 18 November 2013 the Agency will host the ‘Inclusive Education in Europe’ conference, presenting past and future Agency work. Finally, the Agency has published a call for tender for printing services. Information on this call is available in this bulletin and also on the Agency website.

May 2013

This eBulletin presents the new ICT for Information Accessibility in Learning project, provides news on the 3-year Vocational Education and Training project, the results of which are now available on the Agency website, and the Raising Achievement for All Learners project that will now form the basis of a follow-up project. The Agency has published three calls for tenders looking for co-operation in the areas of web development and translation work.

December 2012

This new issue of the eBulletin provides a selection of updates on ongoing and outcomes of finishing Agency projects.

July 2012

In this summer 2012 edition of the Agency Electronic Bulletin we share news on our ongoing and future projects and events that the Agency organised or attended this year.

December 2011

In this last issue of 2011 we invite you to read about ongoing and new Agency projects, a new member country and about what new publications are available on the Agency website.

November 2010

In this issue of the Agency bulletin we would like to inform you about developments regarding current Agency events, publications and projects.

January 2010

In this issue of the Agency bulletin, we would like to provide you with an overview of the Agency’s work in 2010, as well as informing you on development in the Agency’s co-operative work with other organisations and the newest information resources available on the Agency’s website.

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