Inclusive Education in Action case studies

The Inclusive Education in Action website presents a collection of important and interesting case studies and resources from different areas of the world. 

The case study material presents detailed information from policy-makers and practitioners for inclusive education about their work and its results. The case studies provide insights into inclusive education systems for international policy-makers working to develop equity and equal opportunities within education systems globally.

There are now 24 case studies accessible on the Inclusive Education in Action website. These come from various places in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Pacific and describe diverse policy approaches taken to develop inclusive education systems. The case studies are linked to one or more of the following themes: policy initiatives, curriculum development, learning environment and professional development. They include policy statements, descriptions and evaluations of policy developments, plans for and reflections on policy implementation. As well as written accounts, links to additional accessible material such as videos and photographs are often provided to compliment the case studies.

The latest case study added to the Inclusive Education in Action website is Focus on the Person: Disability Awareness Programme Successfully Implemented in Schools in Greece since 2009. This case study provides information about an experiential non-formal educational programme that is implemented and co-ordinated by motivational speakers (young people with physical impairments) from the Association of Social Responsibility for Children and Youth (SKEP) in Greece. The main aim of the initiative is to fight ignorance and break down stereotypes in order to facilitate the inclusive education process. The programme is implemented throughout the school year in short workshops conducted in mainstream schools. In the workshops, motivational speakers describe the everyday life of people with disabilities in a way that is easy to understand and is adapted to the age of the audience. There is a space for discussions and workshop participants are encouraged to take part and tackle issues such as diversity, disability, equity and inclusion.

The Inclusive Education in Action website has an open call for case studies. New case studies which present material on key policy development in the move towards inclusive education from all regions and countries are welcomed for consideration.

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