International Comparisons Conference

On 28–29 January 2016 the Agency participated in the International Comparisons Conference in Paris. Inclusive education should ensure equality and equity among students and ensure that school is really a ‘school for all’. With this premise, the aim of the event was to support an in-depth reflection on the French system of education and to propose concrete measures at national level regarding inclusive education.

The conference provided opportunities to create a network of decision makers and major stakeholders in school inclusion in their particular fields of expertise. Future activities within such an established network could include pooling and sharing examples of practices; harnessing of successful, targeted experiments; exchanges with researchers; the setting up of joint, local scientific studies, and more.

The event was organised by two key services of the French Ministry of Education: the National Council for Education Evaluation (Cnesco) and the International Centre for Pedagogic Studies (CIEP), and involved the Agency as well as UNESCO and other key European and international stakeholders and researchers.

Presentations and results in French can be found on the Cnesco website.

Download the conference programme here.

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