Agency adopts Open Access Policy

As a platform for collaboration, the Agency is committed to broad and open information‑sharing. The Agency’s new Open Access Policy affirms this commitment by expanding the reach and impact of its outputs.

Open access refers to content which is digital, available online, free to access and free of most usage restrictions. Open access aims to provide resources to everyone who can benefit from them. In the Agency’s case, stakeholders include educational policy-makers, researchers, school leaders, teachers, learners, families and more. 

The policy clarifies usage and modification rights of Agency resources. Open-access resources are copyrighted but are available on the Agency website for the public to access, download and share. Certain outputs, such as practical tools, are open source. Anyone can modify open‑source resources to meet their needs, but Agency approval is necessary to modify other open‑access resources.

All future Agency project outputs will include the relevant open access disclaimer text and Creative Commons licence. The Creative Commons website contains a section about open access literature, explaining its role in ensuring broad availability of academic research.

Find out more about the Agency Open Access Policy on the webpage.

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