Swedish Minister of Education opens Agency Bi-annual Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden

On 21–23 May 2019, the Agency held its bi-annual meeting in Stockholm, at the kind invitation of the Swedish National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools (SPSM).

The bi-annual meeting was attended by around 50 Agency country representatives from across Europe, who took part in meetings and information exchange sessions topics connected to inclusive education.

The meeting opened with a video introduction from the Swedish Minister for Education, Anna Ekström. The full video can be seen below. In her introduction, Ms Ekström outlined the importance of inclusive education while recognising the challenges faced by the Swedish education system. She also emphasised the importance of the Agency’s values and how collaborations with the Agency and other European countries, sharing knowledge and experiences, can help to implement and monitor inclusive education systems.

Director General of the SPSM, Fredrik Malmberg, outlined the challenges in creating inclusive education settings and representatives from Portugal presented their plans for an inclusive school system. Throughout the event, ideas and experiences were shared between country representatives.

The SPSM also hosted a special event on inclusive education, in which Agency Director, Cor J. W. Meijer, and Assistant Director, Amanda Watkins, presented the organisation’s work. This was followed by a panel discussion including representatives from the National Agency of Education, the Schools’ Inspectorate, SPSM, SALAR and Uppsala University.

For more information, contact the Agency country representatives for Sweden.

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