Cavendish School and mainstream partners in Cheshire

Cavendish School situated in Runcorn in the North-West of England was selected as the case study site for the UK (England). The school caters for up to 81 pupils aged 2 to 19 years, with severe and complex learning difficulties. The school has excellent links with local mainstream schools. Cavendish school staff not only work on inclusion projects involving pupils at their school, but they also aim to provide expertise and support for mainstream school staff working with pupils with special needs education in their mainstream classrooms.

The school was interested in investigating how they could develop their work as a centre of expertise in assessment (providing information, resource and perhaps in-service training) for their partner mainstream school staff and parents.

Host Country Team

Focus of the Case Study site

The school is at the forefront of developing personalised learning. This includes currently researching the impact of assessing individual learning styles in terms of learning outcomes and implications for formative assessment. This is an area Cavendish school is developing with mainstream partners.

The Cavendish team asked the visiting team to help explore the possibilities of considering thinking skills within the formative assessment process.

More information about Cavendish School can be found on on the Cavendish School website.

Please use the links below to access the different materials used during the case study site in the UK (England):

Experts’ presentations concerning the topic of ‘assessing thinking skills’ in their own countries:

Cavendish school team presentations:

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