Effective funding mechanisms can be an incentive for inclusive education. They can promote capacity building and empower stakeholders to develop innovative and flexible mainstream learning environments for all learners.

Funding mechanisms can act as an incentive for segregation and exclusion when teaching and support in mainstream settings is seen as inadequate for meeting learners’ needs. This may lead stakeholders to perceive that special settings (i.e. separate schools and classes) provide better educational support for some learners. The policy goals linked to this issue are:

  • Promote capacity building strategies at different system levels through resourcing and support systems.
  • Effectively support special settings to act as a resource for mainstream settings.
  • Embed inclusive education within all professional development opportunities.

This was a main finding of the Financing Policies for Inclusive Education Systems project, outlined in the Policy Guidance Framework. For more information on this project, visit the project web area.

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