Efficient evaluation mechanisms need to be developed to ensure the quality and effectiveness of early childhood intervention provision and delivery.

Countries must clearly define quality standards for early childhood intervention (ECI) provision and delivery that need to be fulfilled. Common standards of evaluation for use across health, education and social services need to be developed, addressing the issues of what needs to be evaluated and how best to involve families in the process of evaluating quality. 

Effective mechanisms should be in place to evaluate demand for ECI services and check whether supply of services meets demand in order to plan service improvement. 

A continuum of quality experiences from birth to adulthood must be guaranteed for each child. 

The main findings of the Agency’s update project on Early Childhood Intervention (2009–2010) can be found in the project synthesis report and in the key policy messages paper. The Agency’s Inclusive Early Childhood Education project continues the work on this topic, based on the outcomes of previous projects.

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