Everything about us, with us! Young people should be directly involved in all decision-making concerning them.

This is one of the five key messages from young delegates at the European Hearing organised by the Agency in co-operation with the Luxembourg Presidency of the European Union in 2015.

The young people clearly expressed that they and their families need to be actively involved and need to be listened to before decisions are made, taking into account their real needs and wishes. In this regard, they advocate for the positive role played by the systematic involvement of different organisations of young people and of people with disabilities. They see these organisations as being key in supporting them. Their schools’ learners councils or learners’ parliament have a different role. The young people’s participation and involvement in these councils is perceived as an effective way to be fully involved in school life and is strongly encouraged.

For more information about the European Hearing entitled ‘Inclusive Education: Take Action! Luxembourg Recommendations’, see the synthesis report on the event

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