Follow-up is required to safeguard the transition from education to employment, which leads to sustainable jobs in the open labour market.

One of the conclusions of the Agency’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) project (2010–2012) is that in the transition from education from employment, competent staff must undertake follow-up activities for as long as required, in order to meet the needs of young graduates and employers.

The provision of follow-up activities is supported by:

  • Having sufficient staff and resources available throughout the transition;
  • Maintain good connections with local employers;
  • Performing practical training as well as offering supported employment models in their companies;
  • Adapting pedagogical methods/techniques suitable for maintaining learners’ employment and using individual plans.

Key findings of the VET project can be found in the project summary report, and recommendations for policy makers have been included in the policy brief.

For more information on this project, visit the project web area.

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