Four cross-sectoral policy areas (governance, funding, capacity building and quality assurance mechanisms) need further development to effectively support the changing role of specialist provision in supporting mainstream schools to be inclusive.

Policy-makers consider these areas highly relevant in improving the role of specialist provision as a resource for mainstream provision. Consequently, these areas are crucial to support the implementation of effective, high-quality and cost-effective inclusive education policies. They require: 

  • policies and strategies that support the transformation of specialist provision into a resource for mainstream schools; 
  • ways to promote co-operation mechanisms between specialists and mainstream professionals that enable school stakeholders to implement inclusive education; 
  • methodologies for specialist provision to be a resource.

It is necessary to identify the critical factors and key drivers that can enable specialist provision professionals to be an effective resource for mainstream provision. This can support the change process and empower mainstream settings to meet all learners’ diverse needs.

Findings and outputs from the Changing Role of Specialist Provision in Supporting Inclusive Education project can be found in the project web area.

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