Learning together in schools enables all students to find their place and be included in society.

During the European Hearing organised by the Agency in co-operation with the Luxembourg Presidency of the European Union in 2015, the young delegates discussed the impact of inclusive education in being fully included in society.

They considered that all learners need to learn together in order to live together. They stated that this is the first step in the process towards social inclusion. The younger they get together the better for all in order to learn respecting differences and mutual tolerance. Young pupils learn from an early age to communicate, welcome and share different experiences and recognize strengths rather than focus on weaknesses. They learn at school to be considered for what they can do and not for their disability or how they look. They indicated that learning together in school will enable them to find their place and be included in the society.

For more information about the European Hearing entitled ‘Inclusive Education: Take Action! Luxembourg Recommendations’, see the synthesis report on the event.

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